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Koptekst 1

Koptekst 1



Working with artists, bringing sound in space, be it a museum or a gallery,

considering acoustics and ambient sound is a difficult task.

Shaping sound for optimum artistic expression goes beyond finding technical solutions. Walking the thin line between optimal sound and visual appearance, with respect for the artistic mission, asks for a creative eagle view.

Working in public space is another domain of expertise.




Our well-equipped workshop opens many possibilities beyond commercially available solutions. Optimal integration in an artwork, a museum, or a gallery can thus be guaranteed.


Loudspeakers, amps, processors, mediaplayers:  all you need to bring sound into an exposition context. Inside & outside.


With a 40m² live room and a 40m² editing room, our studio covers a vast range of demands. 

A well-furnished microphone cabinet, quality outboard, and all the essential digital software guarantees efficient work.

A mobile high-resolution recording is a must for film and  other artistic productions

Drop a line and have a coffee.


Your project or storyboard will be treated like a treasure.


About 6Moon Parrizal

Johan Vandermaelen is no stranger when it comes to bringing sound into space. 40 years of experience brought him to situations where off-the-shelf solutions fell short of realizing an optimal presentation of (sound)art. In a close relationship with artists and museum staff, he developed unique tailor-made solutions when needed.

With a good sonic signature, your exhibition will have the right feel.

His address book connects him with a team of specialists who can widen the possibilities

​When dropping an e-mail to, he will gladly investigate your project for an optimal result.

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