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October 2020

Recording Heleen Van Haegenborgh and Gudrún Oskardottir in Concertgebouw Brugge

October 2020

2 scenographies for exhibitions: Anouk De Clercq At CC Strombeek and Hotel Beethoven at Bozar Brussels.for both exhibitions I started out with improvements on the acoustics. Tailor-made solutions: spatialisation on 'One' from Anouk De Clercq, Bone-conducting and unique recording/reproduction system for historical piano's in collaboration with pianomaker Chris Maene.

Beste allen,


Het experiment met de opnames en de klankreproductie vanuit de historische piano’s is vandaag bijzonder geslaagd.

Deze techniek om de diversiteit van de instrumenten aan een breed publiek te laten horen zal zeker een meerwaarde voor de tentoonstelling zijn.

Bijzondere dank voor het vertrouwen,


Chris Maene

March 2020

My day editing and mixing 'Art Ensemble Of Brussels' with Lazara Rosell Albear was a pleasant and inspiring experience!

February 2020

sound recording, piano and harpsichord, for Heleen Van Haegenborgh

January 2020

Working on location: TKF museum Tromso, Norway. Anouk de Clercq apparently happy

December 2019

Set images 'One' by Anouk De Clercq with Helga Davis

Ambisonic (surround) recording,

the future format for cinema and virtual reality (Blankenberge)

Flowers (we are), a choreography from Claire Croisé.

Live music. Jena Germany. April 2019

Live music. Wien Austria July 2019

April 2019  the renewed bird department of 'De Wereld van Kina' in Ghent Belgium. 20 channel sound, partly interactive and modular. Room length 51m. First I ordered better acoustics. Speakers are from B&W, Aevox, and custom bipolar models.

Many hours of field recording. Early wake-ups on cold days, waiting in the woods for the break of day. Many hours of studio recordings with some of Flanders finest actors...


Helga Humming by Anouk De Clercq

The polyphonic music made by Vessel, with the voice from Helga Davis is spatialised over 10 channels taking into account the reverb and asymmetries of the exhibition space: BOZAR in Brussels.

Humming is something intimate, close., warm.

Helga Humming became soundwise an immersive experience which reflect that feeling.

Photo's: recording session at Atieliers Claus, cabling work, remastering in space, credits.

April 2019: Live multi-track recording from FUNDAMENT, deep, dark and low at the Ear to the Ground festival in Ghent. Fantastic musicians in movement.

March 2019: surround recording in the dismantled and very cold Sonar Studio. Belgian first television studio (Brussels).

A sound play  from Lucas Derycke

Februari 2019: sound design for a short film by Maurits Wouters. Creating new layers, atmospheres...

Scenic recording of Art Ensemble of Brussels in Kanal - Centre Pompidou Brussels   Januari 2019

1. Suchan Kinoshita and Johan Vandermaelen working at de Vlaamse Bouwmeester's office in Brussels. (Photo Ria Pacquée)

2. A very old one! Well before 6Moon Parrizal. Ilya Kabakov and  Johan Vandermaelen in Bozar Brussels1996. Expo 'On the roof'

3. Alvin Lucier and Johan Vandermaelen discussing the sound of a teapot. Den Haag NL (Photo Esther Venrooy)

4. A working prototype of a compact dipole speaker. Ideal to create wide soundfields.

5. 'Get Here!' from Imogen Stidtworthy in M HKA Antwerpen 2008 (photo courtesy of the artist)

6. El Parrizal. A wonderful spot in Aragon, Spain. Scenography, the natural way.

Between Tom Johnson and Phill Niblock in Bozar Brussels

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